From Local Business to National Bumper Distributor

Hudson Integrated + MOVE Bumpers
Increase Sales


Increase in Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Facebook Likes


MOVE Bumpers contacted Hudson looking to promote its custom bumper service through digital marketing. As the Hudson team began research and strategy, it was clear that MOVE had an untapped online market for DIY bumper kits. What started as a local online marketing push quickly transitioned to a nationwide digital marketing strategy.


  • Online Advertising

In less than a year, MOVE Bumpers became a national bumper retailer with customers in every region of the country.

First, Hudson's digital marketing team assessed MOVE's online market, customers, and competitors. Our research revealed an online space for DIY truck-enthusiasts – a market MOVE could enter with its DIY bumper kits. Hudson's challenge: send the right message to the right people and position MOVE's bumper kits as the best way for custom truck-lovers to upgrade on a budget. Plus, take MOVE's business from local to national.

Based on the data we gathered along with A/B testing, Facebook was the best platform to reach MOVE's target audience. The Hudson digital marketing team utilized precise ad targeting to gain exposure and garner new fans; published relevant content to engage existing fans; and interacted with potential customers regularly. The content shared always catered to MOVE'S target audience's interests and preferences as well as MOVE's brand.

Through A/B testing, social media listening and monitoring, and analyzing audience insights, we were able to actively pinpoint MOVE's best and most-likely customers. This is what we call a growth-driven strategy: an approach that evolves with online consumer behavior and preferences. By consistently testing and measuring our efforts, MOVE fans (and sales!) have increased substantially every month since working with us.


  • 106% Increase in Sales
  • 39% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 1,400% Increase in Facebook Likes

Our growth-driven strategy led to a spectacular increase in brand exposure, customer engagement, and overall transactions.

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MOVE Bumpers

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