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Standing out online as a law firm in 2018 can be a challenge and a half. With seemingly endless competition and with encroaching national firms entering our markets, it’s become increasingly difficult for local firms to cling to their slice of the pie – especially online.

Knowing this, Baker Newby came to us with this challenge: increase their number of qualified digital leads to 275 for by end 2018. Can it be done?


  • Press
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Considering the types of consumers worth targeting for this are intent-driven (rather than impulse-driven), we knew Search ads would be the way to go. A consumer isn’t going to browse through their social media feed, see an ad, then realize “I need a lawyer”; they’ll likely use a search engine to find one as the need presents itself.

Knowing this, we ran Baker Newby’s website through a thorough SEO audit, and optimized the website to maximize the website’s rankings for target keywords. Due to the competitive nature of organic search rankings, we supplemented our organic strategy with Paid Search – creating a campaign for each segment of law Baker Newby specialized in, targeting high-search-volume keywords.

We combined our SEO and paid search strategy with public relations, using newsjacking opportunities to get media coverage. Topics like forest files, Halloween liabilities, and drinking alcohol at holiday parties helped position Baker Newby as experts on local radio and news publications. This lead not only to increased brand awareness, but also resulted in quality backlinks for Baker Newby further supplementing our SEO work.


  • 263 New Leads

We started seeing the results right away. After setting up trackable phone numbers on the website and seeing an increase in organic and paid traffic on the website, saw an increase in the number of leads generated – and in turn, a decrease in cost per lead. In Q1 of 2018, the average cost per lead was at $173.50. By Q4, the cost per lead was brought down to $116.70. By the end of 2018, the average 2018 cost per lead was $119.76.

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