SaaS for Kids - Product Explainer Video

Suits & Sandals + Seekadoo
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Seekadoo is a search engine and mobile browser for children, with integrated privacy features like VPN, ad and cookie blockers, and a closed-system curated white list of accessible websites. As a startup, Seekadoo wanted to create an explainer video that speaks to the concerns of parents but shows kids the fun and excitement associated with using the product.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Online Advertising

We created a video that mixes traditional, 2D digital, and 3D animation techniques, and produced the entire video from concept to final execution. We also designed the video to be cut into shorter, ~15 sec segments that could be run as social video ads.


The Seekadoo video has been viewed over 330k times in the past year, and has been used as a marketing and advertising tool across channels such as social media, the Seekadoo website, etc.

Watch the video here:

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Suits & Sandals

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Suits & Sandals

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