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Increase Sales


Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Increase in Units Sold


Amanda Uprichard was looking to scale orders while maintaining typical spend levels year over year.

What Socium Identified:
#1. After running a full-fledged audit from their previous agency, Socium identified across the board that channels within Paid Media were not being maximized to their fullest potential.
#2. Brand presence within Google Search needed an overhaul. Whether it was core brand terms, or instances of top product types, there was a big opportunity to increase our exposure.
#3. We also identified that there were additional Facebook ad types that could be leveraged to grow purchases and intent.


  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

Paid Search, Paid Social, Shopping & Feed Management

Θ Within Facebook, look-a-like audiences for prospecting were built using a combination of past purchasers, high average order value (AOV) customers, past visitors with high intent, and more.

Θ Managed placements in Facebook & Instagram were overhauled to ensure that each user was receiving the most effective creative.

Θ A full search restructure took place to ensure that the user’s search directly matched what ad was being served. Different smart bidding technologies were implemented in time to maximize return.

Θ A new feed was built and launched within Google Shopping and, in time, was optimized towards a target return on ad spend (tROAS).

Like we do will all partners, we built a fully customized performance report. Data is pulled from all leveraged paid media platforms and metrics are tracked in real time. This allows us to see what tactics within each channel are performing and how it is impacting the user’s purchase behavior.

Now was time to funnel dollars into the most effective areas to drive purchase. Within our budget, we outlined based on ROAS goals where we felt we needed to push dollars first. Facebook and Instagram were identified to be the drivers for new customer growth.


  • 340% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • 60% Decrease in Cost Per Click
  • 590% Increase in Units Sold

+590% Number of orders
+340% Improvement in ROAS
-60% Decrease in CPC

Amanda Uprichard

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Amanda Uprichard

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