Plasticity Brain Centers

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Plasticity Brain Centers
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Plasticity Brain Centers is an innovative treatment center specializing in non-invasive neurorehabilitation for traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, and developmental disorders. Plasticity Brain Centers came to Socialfix in late 2016 to boost their visibility and spread the word about their life-changing work.


To reinvigorate their online presence, we did something similar to what they do - look at every area of the situation and boost performance where it counts. This meant a complete website overhaul, in-depth social media management, exciting and informative video content, and the SEO and PPC to turn it into real leads. After completion of the website, we began on-page as well as aggressive off-page SEO activities to establish search engine dominance for Plasticity. Four months later, we were able to achieve a consistent, high flow of traffic to the website, boosting lead generation by 200%.


We Got Social. • 405 % Increase in Sessions • 255 % Increase in Form Conversions • 1700 Number of Backlinks

~19 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
10 Stories
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