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Increase in Click-through Rate


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The McKinley Beach brand evolved from being a community that featured mostly single family lots with custom-built homes and a focus on an upscale clientele, to become a more well-rounded product offering that includes smart-sized homes, townhomes, and commercial offerings that have a broad-based appeal.

McKinley Beach, as a brand, has evolved from one of an amenity based lifestyle to one of community and location-based amenities that appeals to individuals, couples, and families, at all stages of their life journey.

As such, the design esthetic had to evolve with the central theme of the brand.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Website Creation

In 2019 a new brand was pitched to the McKinley Beach development. This rebrand, dubbed ‘Our McKinley Beach’, would incorporate the development’s growth while also appealing to the residents that call the community ‘home’. By adapting the same branding across all marketing channels and targeting more people at various stages of life’s journey, we were able to capture quality leads and traffic for the client.

With the focus being on multiple demographics we took each product and selected a specific photo of a family/couple to go with it to highlight a certain demographic.

The blue colour established in older phases of the brand were kept as it had become well-established and recognizable in the community. The main update in terms of colour was found in the photos of the demographics.

We chose to go with black and white to create a unified look and feel for all demographics. The product shots offered a little pop of colour and helped make them stand out.

A cohesive and inclusive campaign was created, customized to all the target demographics of the client.

We created organic opportunities through the McKinley Beach website by optimizing the copy with keywords that would help the site rise to the top of search results. We supplemented this with press releases that drove traffic to the site, and continued on-site optimization with monthly keyword-enriched blog articles.

We did a complete reconstruction of the ad account, overhauling search advertising targeting, bid strategy, and placements which resulted in vast improvements across the entire account, increasing lead traffic to Our McKinley Beach by 10%.

Website Development and Updates
We created a campaign landing page, and supporting sub-landing pages for each of the developments. The homepage was updated with new navigation that focused on the campaigns and target demographics. Easy-to-fill forms were deployed on all development pages and campaign pages for easier goal completion.


  • 89% Increase in Click-through Rate
  • 31% Increase in Cost Per Click

Performance improvement across all channels.
Doubled the number of sales leads.
Increased awareness across target markets.
Contributed directly to sales for the McKinley Beach development.
Marketing campaign of the year finalist in the 2019 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Average search position 19 % Increase
Click Through Rate: 5 %Increase
Site Click 76 % Increase
Search Impressions: 67 % Increase
Leads: 11% Increase
Cost Per Lead: 67% Decrease
Total Ad Spend: 63% Decrease
Conversion Rate: 700% Increase
Cost Per Click: 31% Decrease
Click Through Rate: 89% Increase
Goal Conversion Rates:66% Increase
Average Time on Page: 20% Increase
Site Clicks 76% Increase

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