A Marketing Story by Sagon-Phior about ARCHICAD
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The goal: disrupt an industry by producing a riveting episodic series and brand experience. Episodes explore in-depth interviews with high-profile architects and developers that reveal how they can be more innovative, successful and productive.


GRAPHISOFT is a global software developer. Their ARCHICAD and BIMx technologies enable architects to push traditional boundaries of creativity. This unexpected marketing and branded content effort, supported with social media, brought the stories of architects and designers to life. The result of this online series turbocharged sales efforts, expanded awareness, deepened loyalty among existing customers and captured market share from the largest competitor.

~18 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
10 Stories


Los Angeles, California

Sagon-Phior grows businesses by building better relationships between organizations and their customers through emotion marketing, branding and technology. Emotion marketing enables marketers to better understand important, often unseen, patterns of customer motivations and behavior. With deep roots in the technology, healthcare, financial services and lifestyle industries, Sagon-Phior has applied their...

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