Amazon Charts

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Design and develop Amazon's flagship, weekly authoritative book lists with data only Amazon can provide while amplifying the brand with digital advertising.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Research
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Copy
  • Online Advertising

REQ developed the Amazon Charts brand to be versatile while still meeting Amazon’s overarching guidelines. To introduce this brand to the world, REQ created animated videos and digital ads in collaboration with Amazon’s internal creative team.

REQ A/B tested imagery and ad copy and geo-fenced the largest book conference of the year so that individuals within a certain radius would see ads introducing Amazon Charts to the world. These ads followed individuals for 30 days after the conference with click-through rate (CTR) exceeding the benchmark by 45%. Publishing houses exceeded average CTR by 43% and a Google Brand Lift study showed a 30% increase in product recollection, exceeding the YouTube industry standard of 15%.


  • 1 Awards Won

45% better-than-average performance for geo-fenced ads

30% increase in product recollection, double the YouTube industry standard

Brand introduction videos earned a Gold Horizon Interactive Award

The Client

Internet Software & Services
~341,400 Employees

The Agency

Washington, District Of Columbia
~69 Employees