Moustache Republic + Lyre's Spirit Co
Increase Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Lyre’s is focused on world domination! They are currently in 15 countries and want to expand further, providing their customers all over the world the freedom to have their favourite alcoholic drink in a non-alcoholic format. They want to make choosing Lyre’s as easy as reaching for a regular alcoholic drink. They want to fundamentally change the way the world approaches drinking. They are setting their sights on becoming the market leader in the non-alcoholic category and to do so they need website scalability and agility. For this reason they have focused their efforts with a SaaS plug and play approach to their ecommerce solution.

Customer acquisition objective
Quick and cost effective global aspirations
Translated and personalised local market experience


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Website Creation
  • E-Commerce

BigCommerce was chosen as a platform that is both agile and can scale. They are cost effective without trapping clients in legacy technology that is expensive to update. Lyre’s is a brand that needs to be able to update and pivot quickly, so as an agency and platform solution Moustache Republic and BigCommerce need to be able to respond accordingly. The BigCommerce platform allows Lyre’s to take control of the day-to-day of their eCommerce kingdom with the minimum amount of development intervention.

“We chose Moustache Republic as they are leaders in the SaaS platform space and they were willing to grow with us as a business. They have an entrepreneurial mindset and a transparent business style that we like working with.”

Simple UX/UI journey - the design is focused on customer experience and incorporates a focus on customer education via blogs and tutorials, bundled product offers and intuitive product offers through clever use of data.

SaaS led ecommerce means Lyre’s can enjoy the benefits of ‘plug-and-play’ app technology that requires minimal development intervention. Features like localised tax and shipping have been solved with SaaS solutions.

Using SaaS solutions like Weglot, ShipperHQ and Taxjar, Lyre’s has been able to offer personalised local language ecommerce stores.


  • 6% Increase in Conversion Rate

Australia is leading the in sales of non-alcoholic beverages with the highest repeat purchase and average order values (AOV’s) around the world.

40% growth MOM
3-4% conversion rate
3+bottles purchased AOV
6% increase in conversion rate

Lyre's Spirit Co

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Lyre's Spirit Co

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