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Ambry Genetics
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Ambry Genetics reached out to us for our support in devising an innovative UX program for its Covid-19 Return to Work and Return to School initiatives. We were tasked to craft a user experience strategy that enabled widespread usage of the system without requiring user training. Ambry Genetics devised programs for 'Return to Work' and 'Return to School' initiatives, enabling organizations and educational institutions to stay a step ahead of the infection curve. Our challenge was to develop a complete user experience strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction design for the solution, and a scalable design system that laid the foundation of future initiatives and features.


We re-imagined every aspect of the solution from the ground up, coordinating with multiple teams and stakeholders to assure that Ambry Genetics can roll out the program across numerous organizations, schools, and counties fast and painlessly. Detailed UX Audit Auditing existing UX practices and libraries for repeatable patterns consistent with the brand User Research & Brainstorming Researching user needs, behaviors, critical workflows, and pain points. Brainstorming for ideation and problem-solving. Information Architecture Working with the technical leadership to define and architect the 'Core UX' for the application environment. Interaction Design Optimizing the user journey's for thousands of interactions with the product every day. The Design System Developed a UX framework for all Covid-19 Return to Work and Return to School systems and apps. The Solution Rigorous stakeholder needs analysis and user journey mapping was our first step in the course. We recognized the pain points and addressed them to score quick wins. We used UI components from within the existing system and curated a full design system as a part of this engagement. This helped us institutionalize the knowledge we gained and provide a reference framework to support the application framework's continuing evolution.


With this project, we had to innovate on tap, deliver results quickly, and keep the Ambry Genetics' system and its user experience manageable. Innovating Rapidly For Maximum Impact Rapid iterations during the ideation stage, quick visualization of the proposed flows, and using existing components within the new UX framework helped drive clarity around critical concepts across multiple teams. Meeting The Needs Of Individual Sites And Support For Quick Customization We designed an extensive UX framework and rigorously tested the UI components' ability to present structural customization while maintaining the integrity of Ambry Genetics' interface. A Simplified Visual Language That Is Current And Keeps UI Out Of The Way We simplified the system's visual language to build a streamlined UI that relied on elements like- white space, refined iconography, typographic and color treatments, and more to keep the user focused on the task at hand, without the user interface getting in the way. Laying The Foundation For Future Growth And Addition Of New Capabilities We designed a flexible UX framework that enabled Ambry Genetics' to quickly launch variants of the system across communities, organizations and scale-up to thousands of simultaneous users with ease.

~30 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Naga, Punjab

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