Building an analytics system

Education & Training


Implementation pitfalls can be divided into two categories: technical and communicational.
The technical features are related to the selected technologies, application architecture.
Communication features were associated with a large number of teams that participated in the project.


  • Research
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Advertising

Each team has its area of ​​responsibility. And it is vital to stipulate who is responsible for what at the beginning to speed up the implementation process.
It is necessary to collect the requirements for the analytics system from all stakeholders in it. As a result, some of the provisions will overlap, and this will avoid unnecessary redundancy and duplication of data.
It is essential to speak with everyone in the same terms. As an example, the ID of the subscription option can be different for each department:
for a marketeer – the name of the package;
for the product manager – the package code;
for the developer – the ID in the database.
And for everyone to speak the same language, as a result, it is necessary to eliminate all inaccuracies and unambiguously prescribe the values and names of all events and parameters.


Terms of reference for the implementation of analytics have been created and implemented.
Joint meetings were held, at which all the requirements were defined and brought together, the nuances of implementation clarified.
Documentation has been created for the built analytics system.
The training was provided on the use of the system.

The Client
VOD Group

Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
~15 Employees

The Agency

Dnipro, Dnipropetrovska oblast
~35 Employees