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About Manton Cork Consulting
Manton and Cork have been synonymous since 1921. The company was founded by Sidney Manton in 1921 and has remained a family operated business ever since. By maintaining extensive inventory, they are able to efficiently meet the needs of their customers in the United States, and for export. Jerome Manton has run the company since 1958. He is President of theCork Institute of America and a former Board Member of the Portugal-U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Challenges
Manton Cork struggled with some major website design and technology issues.
. The website showed outdated, complex content. It was difficult to understand what the company offered, so it needed more streamlined and straightforward content.
. It was not mobile-friendly. Today, more people use cell phones to conduct research and buy products and services. A mobile-friendly website is essential to meet the
demands of this ever-growing trend.
. Administrators had difficulty controlling basic website SEO elements. This included
updating content, posting news and service offerings through its contentmanagement system (CMS). Staff required a simpler, yet fast and effective way to manage SEO and make updates to the website.
. Many pages created duplicate linking. This affected its SEO rankings because search
engines frown upon duplicate or repeat linking. The company needed to determine
how to prevent duplicate linking from occurring.
. A clear pathway for website visitors to communicate to the company through its
website was missing. When website visitors know how reach a company they
land on any page on its website, it encourages trust. Prospects are more likely to
purchase confidently.

Prior to Working with MAXBURST, Manton Cork Tried a Variety of Solutions

At first, the company created more content and online videos to clarify what the company does. Unfortunately, creating more content resulted in even more duplicate linking because of thewebsite’s technology limitations. Manton Cork also hired more staff to manage their website.
Although, the company’s internal staff specialized in website administra..on which was fine for day-to-day management, it did not solve the major website problems the company had faced. Manton Cork realized that it needed to consult an expert to get long-term results. It decided to hire a broader-based team with the combined skills of website development and design, SEO and brainstorming experience. MAXBURST was ready to take on the challenge.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Website Creation

Our Strategy: Listen, Check Industry Benchmarks, Prioritize, and Customize Solutions

The MAXBURST team listened to the concerns that Manton Cork had about its website and our
team did a thorough assessment. We checked industry benchmarks and prioritized line items.
During our evaluation, we determined that some added changes would make the company’s
website more efficient. This included:

. Larger images
. Clear, easy-to-read titles of the types of services it offers so that website visitors can
then grasp what they do in an instant
. A mobile-friendly website design with animations that are more subtle without being
. A customized contact form to streamline communication between prospects and the

We recommended using today’s esthetic design concepts to successfully update its branding.
Design drafts were approved before moving on to the next phase. Manton Cork was always a
part of the decision making process. As the project progressed, we never lost sight of what it
valued most: high ROI and increased website performance.

New Code Does Double Duty

Atier Manton Cork approved the final website design, our development team coded it into the
CMS. The code we developed streamlined the company’s CMS and also eliminated its duplicate
linking problem.


Manton Cork continues to reap the benefits of using the services provided by our MAXBURST

. Higher conversions . The customized contact form we designed enables visitors to ask
about an area of interest and send documents to review. This streamlines
communications, saves time, and results in a higher contact conversion rate.
. Increased website exposure . Manton Cork’s website is shared more often through social
media. This powerful ROI side-effect of social media sharing complements the company’s existing marketing strategies.
. A boost in organic link listings from all sources including websites and blogs . Because
the company's content is now straight-forward and useful, it has experienced a healthy surge in organic link listings.
. More accurate website analytical information . As mentioned earlier, our code solution
removed the duplicated listings. The company now knows where its website visitors spend their time while on the website.
. A more efficient CMS . Administrators post news and other content, including information about new services fast. The new CMS was easy for them to adapt to and remains effortless to manage on a daily basis.
Our customized design of Manton Cork's Inquiry form is simple, yet effective in
narrowing down the interest of website visitors.

Quick ROI Fosters an Ongoing Business Relationship

Manton Cork was so pleased with the process and results that it hired us to assist on a regular basis. We'll provide SEO consultation, and help with its organic listings and online advertising campaigns. It also plans to consult with us for
brainstorming about new ways to increase conversions based on real-time analytics.

Our MAXBURST team enjoyed working on this
project. We appreciated the open communication and availability Manton Cork had for meeting discussions. It was important
for us to learn about the company’s industry, as

this helped us customize the best solution to meet its needs. Manton Cork trusted us to do what we do best. It utilized our team’s education, ability and experience in website design, development and marketing to make a quantifiable difference. As a result, Manton Corkcontinues to reap the benefits of a robust ROI from new and repeat business.

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