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From content to social media via advertising, video, and marketing automation — there are countless tactics, technologies, and techniques that organizations can employ to boost their lead generation. So how do you select the right channels and combine them to create a comprehensive strategy that lets you outgrow the competition? That’s the challenge that was presented to Major Tom by Criteo, an international B2B technology company that’s headquartered in Paris, with offices across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Rapid growth Criteo delivers personalized performance marketing at an extensive scale, making return-on-investment (ROI) transparent and easy to measure. Though they were primed for rapid growth, like many fast-growing B2B businesses Criteo needed an agency partner to scale up their strategy as they didn’t have the in-house resources available to support their needs. Criteo didn’t just want to employ an agency, however. They wanted a partner, someone who understood their business, who was globally savvy, and who was committed to delivering a strategic and scalable service that could grow as their needs did. And that’s exactly what Major Tom provided.


Planning for success As well as capitalizing on Criteo’s short-term growth spurt we also needed to think about the long-term, planning and implementing a campaign that would engage potential customers across the globe for years to come. Like many fast-growing businesses, Criteo needed our help to identify the right tools, tactics, and technologies to employ to effectively scale up their marketing. To achieve this we integrated ourselves into Criteo’s existing structure, and working closely with our creative partners Engine Digital, produced a strategic approach that would enable the organization to outgrow the competition. This approach was inherently holistic, joining together a spectrum of digital marketing strategies including SEO, content curation, marketing automation, lead generation, customer journey mapping, and much more. Though there were a variety of moving parts to the campaign they were all driven by the aim to boost Criteo’s reputation, positioning them as a trusted brand among potential customers. Turning strategy into action To deliver on both Criteo’s long and short-term goals we focussed on thought leadership, lead generation, and customer intelligence. Some of the key tactics we employed included: Pay-per-click (PPC) We scaled Criteo’s existing PPC strategy to direct traffic to key lead-gen landing pages and capture users searching for retargeting-related terms. Managing Criteo’s million-dollar PPC budget meant tracking their cost-per-lead diligently to make sure they were achieving the desired ROI. If a campaign or ad group was not performing, budget was allocated to another channel that was converting at the desired cost-per-acquisition. SEO We worked to improve keyword density on the Criteo site, and incorporate targeted key phrases through content optimization. A well-executed SEO strategy meant that the organization wouldn’t just reap the rewards now, but for years to come. Video YouTube is a great platform to gain more interaction in B2B markets. With more than 400 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel, Major Tom helped to restructure the account based on relevance, competitive findings and YouTube analytics. We optimized Criteo’s content with tags, links, and supporting paid media, ensuring videos achieved peak visibility. Marketing automation After Major Tom worked with Criteo to map their buyer persona types and paths, we integrated their Salesforce CRM with Pardot marketing automation software in order to connect the right leads, with the right information, at the right time. Major Tom also spearheaded Criteo’s database management initiative, consolidating over 30 existing customer databases for streamlined upload into Pardot. Analytics Analytics are key for any business that wants to make sure its marketing is pulling its weight. To meet Criteo’s fast-changing needs Major Tom fine-tuned their content management system (CMS) to measure the impact on website users and used UX tracking to ensure site navigation stayed smooth. We optimized for conversions using Crazy Egg heat mapping software, and coordinated with Google Analytics to track data for multiple pages and languages.


Our work with Criteo was focussed on generating a short-term boost to visibility while at the same time building for long-term success. We also needed to help the organization rapidly scale their marketing both in size and in reach across a number of different countries. By taking a strategic approach that holistically joined together a range of marketing techniques we were able to help Criteo outgrow their competitors and cement their position within the marketplace. Just some of the highlights from our campaign include: - Increased SEO traffic for targeted keyphrases by more than 200% - We built robust content across 11 language sites and expanded this to 17 sites during the course of the campaign. This enabled Criteo to bring in more qualified leads from around the globe. - Overall Major Tom’s B2B-specific digital strategy skyrocketed Criteo’s site conversion rate by 78%


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