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The world must improve its management of water resources and physical waste if it is to grow sustainably. Investors, meanwhile, want to contribute to sustainability in tangible ways easily related to their daily lives –while also finding interesting investment opportunities. Asset manager Fidelity asked us to deliver a thought leadership campaign for its Sustainable Water & Waste Fund, led by their portfolio manager Bertrand Lecourt and to position the fund in a diversified, defensive growth strategy. In this guide Bertrand Lecourt charts out the long-term drivers of both sectors. He offers a pen portrait of their diverse value chains, and a behind-the-scenes tour of how his fund navigates between financial and sustainability goals.


Incisive Works delivered a multi-channel marketing campaign encompassing an ebook, video content, white papers and native articles. We employed website skins and a paid-social campaign to deliver Fidelity’s message to a tightly-targeted audience. The visual and interactive elements of this guide help the reader to explore two of the most critical global industries. This theme is fundamental to how we live and inspirational in terms of how companies are building a more sustainable world.


The campaign delivered above-average digital advertising engagement and significant response to its Twitter campaign. It generated 2141 ebook visits and a total of 110 hours of user engagement.

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