Industrial Supply Safety Month

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Increase in Twitter Followers


Industrial Supply Company wanted to position themselves as the leading industrial safety resource in Utah, promote their safety products and trainings, and build brand awareness and online engagement.


  • Digital Copy
  • Online Advertising

We developed a workplace safety awareness campaign for Industrial Supply Company around Utah Safety Week and National Safety Month in June. The workplace safety theme was carried through all Industrial Supply’s marketing efforts during the month.

Industrial Supply Company’s safety awareness campaign promoted them as a company that understands and cares about their customers while reaffirming their brand image as safety equipment and training experts.


  • 1,104 Email Subscribers
  • 2,000 Site Visits
  • 14% Increase in Twitter Followers
  • 54% Increase in Facebook Likes

• 54.4% more 'likes' on facebook
• 1,104 more email subscribers
• 14.4% more twitter followers
• 2,000+unique site visitors

Other results include:
• 3% monthly sales increase (a potential 36% annual increase in safety products sales)
• Local media coverage including TV appearance on ABC-TV Affiliate program, “Good Morning Utah”
• This campaign earned ISC the Affiliate of the Year in Marketing Excellence award from Affiliated Distributors, an industry trade group for distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial products.

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