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Zayed Sustainability Prize
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The Zayed Future Energy Prize represents the vision of the Late Founding Father and President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, who championed environmental stewardship. It is the largest international renewable energy and sustainability prize which rewards organizations for their sustainable environmental contributions. The Zayed Future Energy Prize wishes to strengthen its presence in Asia as a global award. DT Digital was engaged as a key partner in charge of its development in the Asia Pacific region. Objective: To raise brand awareness of the Zayed Future Energy Prize as the premier annual international award for innovation, impact, leadership and long-term vision in the renewable energy and sustainability sector within the Asia Pacific region To increase the buzz revolving around the prestigious award within the target sector using unique digital strategies tailored for different Asian countries To identify potential entrants who meet the requirements of the award’s stringent entry requirements.


Our priority was to identify the right entities to target before executing our marketing strategy to ensure its optimization. In order to do so, DT Digital’s experienced team developed an integrated algorithm that filter out the appropriate targets from a large pool of renewable energy organizations within Asia. We were also able to leverage on the data collected from the algorithm to entice the target companies to participate in the award using targeted marketing efforts. With such and a multilingual team, DT Digital specifically tailored its digital strategies for each unique country by identifying and utilizing digital platforms, content and language popular within each locality. This allowed the target organizations in different countries to have a better understanding of and relatedness to the Zayed Future Energy Prize. As we hoped to reach out to as many companies as possible, our team initiated partnerships with local governments and industry associations related to sustainability and renewable energy, identified through the data generated by the algorithm, to better reach our target. Through these partnerships, we targeted reaching a larger pool of potential entrants. Through these efforts, DT Digital successfully targeted a larger pool of potential entrants and enticed many large corporations, small and medium enterprises, non-profit organizations and global high schools to participate in the award.


DT Digital successfully raised the awareness of the Zayed Future Energy Prize by leveraging on a multitude of digital platforms and the strategic partnerships with relevant organizations using data generated from our integrated algorithm. This resulted in Pacific Asia having the strongest representation in the award’s run. Our efforts reached over 20 regions in Asia, including major countries such as China, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan. In addition, we effectively secured the attention of large and small industry players while uplifting the United Arab Emirates as one of world top front renewable energy and sustainability region.

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