Mia Pasta

Leeroy Inc. + Mia Pasta
Increase Brand Awareness


Our assignment: create a digital campaign with a comedian influencer as part of a large marketing campaign for the restaurant chain.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management

We decided to partner with a comedian to create entertaining video clips and to be consistent with the idea of the influencer marketing approach. We supported the client with all of their needs: branding, visual identity, advertising, photography, video production, social media strategy, menus, digital signage, digital advertising and contest giveaways.


Mia Pasta wanted to bring the restaurant chain to life on the web, and more specifically on social media. Our communications agency successfully increased franchise engagement, started a conversation and attracted customers to the restaurant. We let our creativity run wild and we designed hilarious videos that were produced and written internally and then posted them on the Facebook page. The big idea: le Psychopâte. The star character, Dr. Sauss, will continue to lead Mia Pasta’s various means of communication. Goofy, extravagant and brash, this pseudo mascot is the result of a successful content strategy with the goal of promoting the brand.

Mia Pasta

The Client
Mia Pasta

Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
~14 Employees
Leeroy Inc.

The Agency
Leeroy Inc.

Montreal, Quebec
~15 Employees