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Whatever World is general eCommerce store that provides an endless selection of products ranging from, Outdoors, Hobbies, Home, Pets and more. Whatever World came to DoRevenue with a challenge: driving awareness and reaching 7-figures yearly sales in 2017.


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising

With a brand new website, DoRevenue paired Facebook’s uniquely powerful targeting capabilities with Google trends to predict what products were most prone to trendy consumer interests. And, ensure Whatever World’s products were being delivered where demand was likely to be highest.

-First, we searched what trends were viral in order for us to match it with related products that Whatever World was selling.

-Then, we developed targeting parameters for Unpublished Page posts on Facebook against a mix of interests and purchasing behavior.

-We created highly converted funnels specifically for the products that we were promoting including cross-sells, up-sells and down-sales allowing us to increase AOV (Average Order Value.)

-Followed by different retargeting approaches depending customer behaviors inside the funnels.

-Finally, we built email marketing campaigns to motivate consumers to purchase new products and decrease abandonment carts.


  • 1,000,000 Sales
  • 397% Return on Ad Spend
  • 3,431% Increase in Sales

3,431% Revenue growth in 8 months
$1M+ Increase in sales across 8 months
4.97x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from Facebook Ad Campaigns

The Client
WhatEver Store

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Houston, Texas
~2 Employees