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To understand the supplement category, we conducted a segmentation study to identify the wants and needs of three critical targets. Then, by prioritizing behavior and experience to achieve greater efficacy and results, we advocated for a sophisticated, data-driven approach.


  • Social Media Management

First, we strategically leveraged a cultural shift, moving from a clinical and reactive view of health toward a proactive and holistic approach. We positioned Alive! as a lifestyle brand that enables one to live the life he/she wants. Next, we found that users of Alive! are actively engaged information-seekers with a greater tendency to search for details across multiple sources, including digital and social. Simultaneous, consistent messaging across multiple streams could drive more effective reach and engagement. Alive! had to identify an interested audience, engage on their terms, and encourage consideration at the right time.


Since the launch of the campaign, the brand has gained in key areas including Brand Awareness and Brand Familiarity. Alive! is now established as a well-liked brand, with a strong reputation for being youthful, energetic, unique, vibrant, and on trend. Brand Awareness increased by 71%, even as a relatively new entrant in a mature category. Brand Familiarity also increased by 52%.

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