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Product Launch


Increase in Sales


Generate traffic for grand opening of new flagship store
Stimulate sales with a strong offer
Meet or exceed opening week sales goals

The best way to build interest in a new Polo flagship store? Put the brand’s greatest asset to work.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Corporate Identity

Polo Ralph Lauren needed a unique-but-functional direct marketing concept to draw customers to its new flagship store grand opening. Baesman helped Polo conceptualize, design, and print a piece tailored to its target customer that resulted in a wildly successful opening week.

Polo’s target customer loves the brand’s iconic logo. So we created a die-cut promotional piece that featured just the logo on the front and a discount off purchase coupon on the back for the grand opening. The printed piece was handed out to consumers in high-traffic areas near public transportation and shopping destinations.

The piece’s sleek, high-end finishing was so nice that many customers chose to keep it as a collectible. But they also put it to use.


  • 60% Increase in Sales

Sales were 60% higher than expectation for the week of the grand opening. The store saw roughly $200,000 in sales during that first week alone. We later developed a number of other promotional campaigns and wide-format signs for this international style leader.

Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren

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