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Trust was a major factor of our relationship with Adventure Wild, Western Australia’s outback tour specialists. They wanted to know that we could be relied on to deliver excellent results but they were not expecting how much value we would deliver too. They brought us on to develop an effective Google AdWords campaign for their brand. From the get go, we knew our campaign would do even better if we revamped their outdated website. After all, on the digital space, it’s all connected. We envisioned that combining their AdWords strategy with a sleek new website would mean their digital marketing efforts would pay off much better than a one-off plan.

When Adventure Wild saw the value in what we wanted to do, they decided to take our advice and were amazed with what we could achieve with a limited budget.


  • Website Creation

Soluble Actions
We found that Adventure Wild’s website visitors were dropping off seconds after arriving on their homepage, and rarely going further than that to view other pages before looking elsewhere for their needs. The Adventure Wild website wasn’t up-to-date, instead it was cluttered, readability was difficult and it wasn’t focused on a user-friendly customer experience. They needed a major change to boost their brand, and we were stoked that they chose us for this huge project.

Website Design
Adventure Wild’s website was their primary digital point of contact with their customers. Our initial plan was to modernise their brand image and give it a completely new and updated look and feel. Our vision was to combine this fresh design with strategic placements, engaging content and most importantly, a clear customer journey to lead to a sale. They were impressed with how quickly their luck turned with more users spending time on their website and signing up for a tour!


  • 286% Increase in Avg. Session Duration
  • 565% Increase in Site Visits

Adventure Wild couldn’t believe the outstanding results we achieved for them, and the speed at which we did so! They were astonished at the huge success we created in only two months and wish they had come to us sooner. Website session duration increased a massive 286%, page views rose 293% with a substantial 76% drop in bounce rates. The most surprising result by far was the 565% increase in website visitors and a 496% increase in sessions! To top of all these triumphs, their AdWords campaign began performing significantly better with a 118% increase in conversions. Years later, our sturdy relationship continues to thrive.

Getting users to stay longer than a few seconds and visiting more than one page were the main issues for Adventure Wild’s old website. The percentage improvement they experienced as a result of the new website we built for them are in the thousands.

Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours

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Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours

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