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The company was expanding its footprint. New clients were coming in through different offices. Their in-house team couldn’t cope with a massive backlog of new requests and plenty of renewal monitoring. To avoid a lack of responsiveness for their client, the insurance company decided to delegate daily business activities to a back-office partner. An accommodating and performant partner who can keep safety and confidentiality of information.


Beginning day 1, we showed that WiserBrand back-office agents are quick to onboard and ramp up. We learn and work fast. To become an extension of the insurance provider team, we put extra effort into tailoring processes and close-knit integration. Data and forms processing setup without compromising on the quality of processing or accuracy. Confidential flow of handling customers’ data by back office agents Fast, professional claims management setup without customer attrition. Handling all day-to-day tasks while optimizing the existing process for higher productivity


As a result of outsourcing our back-office services, our client’s company performance has risen while expenses dramatically decreased as compared to the costs required for the in-house team. We set up a micro-enterprise that functioned the same way as the insurance company but cheaper, covering all employees’ expenses and configuring processes.

~100 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
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