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Gold's Gym
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Iconic fitness brand Gold’s Gym sought to expand its membership beyond its traditional male bodybuilder base and began offering an all-new fitness experience designed to reach out to millennials – especially women.


To reach the new target demographic, SPM presented its idea to create a campaign around National Best Friends Day, June 8. Our research had revealed that the holiday not only appealed to women, but also tied into studies that showed the benefits of working out with a friend. And, because no other fitness brand focused on the holiday, it would be an ownable opportunity for Gold’s. Campaign elements included free workouts for best friends, a dedicated hashtag and social contest calling on entrants to post photos of themselves working out with their BFFs, a custom buddy workout designed by a celebrity trainer, an online video of an influencer trainer demonstrating buddy workouts, with national and key market media relations around the entire program.


70+ media stories, including national coverage in USA Today, Bustle and Well+Good, TV, plus franchise and key market TV segments and newspaper stories. 4.6 million in reach Increased gym traffic

~30 Employees
$10,000 Min Budget
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