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Increase Sales


Increase in Sales


Before working with us, Krave had no physical store and sales where made via a Facebook Business Page with a small number of fans and interactions.

The sales strategy consisted of advertising photo albums with product images for the Portuguese and Spanish markets. The orders where placed and processed via Facebook Messenger.

As the brand expanded and the sales volume increased on a monthly basis, Krave realized that they needed help to make their business grown. That’s when WhiteKube joined in.


  • E-Commerce
  • Online Advertising

Our partnership with Krave was based on an inclusive approach – we worked together on Digital Marketing strategy, one-on-one and team mentoring and on investment, product management and business decisions.

Our case breakdown showed Krave needed to improve both business strategy and structure. Therefore, we helped on setting the website (online shop), advertising on Google (search and display), finding ne shipping providers and management tools and by doing Digital Marketing training sessions (Ex: Google Analytics).

Digital Strategy/ Design/ Online Advertising/ Ecommerce


  • 496% Increase in Sales

Krave now sells for more than 40 countries

495.5% Increase in volume of sales
59.46% Sales from Google Adwords Campaigns
11.74% Sales from Social Media
9.70% Sales from Organic Searches
61.07% Sales from mobile devices

Krave Urban Store

The Client
Krave Urban Store


The Agency

Lisbon, Lisboa
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