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The equipment Benchmark Tool & Supply installs and services is high tech, specialized, and often confusing to a new customer. Benchmark sought to develop a recurring video strategy that helped their sales team educate first-time customers on their credibility and new products.

With a wide range of products and services, Benchmark Tool & Supply wanted to help their sales team answer customer questions more efficiently and effectively. They also sought to build a content library that could be used across a variety of marketing channels. Our goal was to create both short and long-form videos that included product walk-throughs and customer testimonials applicable to both their sales and marketing teams.


  • Website Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Video Production

Building a content library, as opposed to a one-time video, meant coordinating production and content schedules over several months. We set out to show their current and prospective customers exactly how other people are using and benefiting from their technology—on the job-site and on the bottom line. That meant filming and building relationships with both Benchmark staff and their top customers.

For each project, we created several short clips to highlight interesting points, dynamic animations, and eye-catching activity. These clips act as hooks for the long-form content created.


After nearly 3 years partnering with us, Benchmark Tool & Supply has a full content library, complete with hundreds of videos. The library includes pieces of short and long-form content that their sales team can pull on the fly to answer customer questions about any of their product offerings. The testimonials take it one step further by demonstrating credibility through genuine customer stories.

The content also serves their marketing across platforms including e-commerce websites, social media outlets, email campaigns, and at live events/shows. The short “hook” videos are often used on social media to click through to corresponding case studies, articles, landing pages and other longer-form videos.

Through our long withstanding partnership and work across a range of topics, we continue to expand their library further with industry-current information and stories spanning long-term timelines, often re-cutting previously filmed footage. So their customers have the latest and greatest information, while Benchmark gets the biggest bang from their video bucks.

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