Wadoo. Product Design Agency + Edvoy
Improve User Experience


Edvoy is an innovative education platform for international studies. It is a one-stop platform and trusted guide for the entire student journey.

This platform design is determined to simplify the world of education through technology by empowering students to make more informed decisions.

This platform features information, thus, consistency throughout the pages remained key prerogative for designers. Intuitive anviration and clear accents are to contribute to the overall appeal.

The key idea of the whole design concept was to centralise information and empower students to make better, more informed decisions.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Mobile App Development

The scope of work was huge but we've concentrated on key features of this app: personal recommendations, a powerful search of universities, courses, and scholarships, saving & sharing, chat with a personal counselor, documents check before application.


The client received an intuitive and functional app for an innovative education platform. Also we made a design system for the client, so he can make his future products consistent.


The Client

Education Services
~60 Employees
Wadoo. Product Design Agency

The Agency
Wadoo. Product Design Agency

Kyiv, Kyiv
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