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Vordik + Grant Thornton
Product Launch


In 2018, Grant Thornton Canada approached Vordik to craft a unique digital experience for its national recruitment efforts. As one of the ranked “Best Places to Work” for years, Grant Thornton stood out from the crowd. The question was, how were we going to represent this online?


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation

We decided to build an interactive journey that incorporated real Grant Thornton people and that guided prospective candidates through the pillars of Grant Thornton culture. Not any old website would do, so we flexed our creative muscles and set to work.


The website was launched in late 2018 and finalized in early 2019. Today, it serves as the primary Careers portal for Grant Thornton Canada and underpins the company’s recruitment nationwide.

Grant Thornton

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Grant Thornton


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Toronto, Ontario
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