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Earned Media Impressions


New Leads


Develop an omni-channel marketing campaign strategy to create awareness within the Military veteran job seeking target audience.
Launch a national campaign focussed on key hiring areas utilizing VIQTORY’S Military first-party data sets, managed programmatic advertising and social media with VIQTORY’S native publisher asset
Drive employment applications within the military, focusing on specific MOSs that translate over to the transportation industry.

Roehl Transport has been a long time client of VIQTORY, and historically, Roehl would capitalize on our native branding options. Faced with a driver shortage, Roehl asked VIQTORY to design and launch a campaign focused on bottom of funnel metrics like leads, applicants and hires.


  • Staffing

Capitalize on VIQTORY’s in-house military marketing expertise within the vetern MOS field to identify key locations to find veterans with transportation skills and interest.
Utilizing VIQTORY’s Media Buyers, Strategists, and Campaign Managers to write riveting ad copy with dialed-in targeting against custom audiences to create a laser focused campaign to create immediate action with passive and job seeking veterans.
Implement full-funnel tracking to provide data and insights to the VIQTORY and Roehl teams, allowing accurate tracking of conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS) with full data transparency.


  • 73,000 Earned Media Impressions
  • 1,295 New Leads

In the first 30 Days, 73,000 targeted impressions gained with a CTR 400% over industry average.
1,295 took immediate action to learn more about Roehl Transport, creating great brand lift
80 applications obtained with 15 making it to the job offer stage

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