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IBM came to us with an idea – a co-creation space where IBM experts and client leaders come together to use modern design techniques and IBM technology to solve specific business challenges. It already had a name: The IBM Garage.

We were tasked with developing a value proposition and creative concept that would do the new offer justice. To stand out against rival innovation hubs, we knew we would need a little bit of magic.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Traditional Copy

Our concept for this account-based marketing campaign – Where it happens – was focused on the space itself and the amazing, transformational change that can happen inside the IBM Garage. Campaign highlights included an innovative interactive physical book and in-browser virtual reality (VR) experiences that parachuted prospective clients directly into the IBM Garage environment.

Fusing the classic principles of print design with the technological capabilities of VR was a real thrill, and allowed us to develop a multi-sensory campaign that drew in new and existing audiences.


  • 4 Awards Won
  • 1,200 Site Visits

We weren’t the only ones to get excited about IBM Garage. We’d landed on a proposition that clearly resonated with the target audience and judging panels, too. Aside from helping to generate millions of dollars in revenue, the campaign has picked up an impressive array of awards.

• 1,200 organic visits to the microsite
• 2 x the average IBM page engagement rate
• $62 million in lead progression (in only five months)‍

• ANA B2 Awards
• Winner: Account-Based Marketing (Individual Prospect or Customer Programs)

Hermes Creative Awards
• Platinum: Integrated Marketing Campaign
• Platinum: Direct Mail
• Gold: Website Overall, Business to Business

‍Global ACE Awards
• Winner: Best Account Based Marketing campaign

‍2019 Pearl IMPACT Awards
• Winner: Best B2B Content Program
• Honourable mention: Best Use of Innovative Tech


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