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2015 marked the 125th anniversary of the University of Oklahoma. No marketing support for the 125 year anniversary had been executed yet and the year was almost up. In addition, their lifetime memberships had hit a lull and they needed this campaign to boost those numbers.


  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising

We started with a population analysis for the most potential prospects. From this we identified 30,000 targets where we could focus our efforts. Based on the data, we divided the list into 3 areas of reach; top prospects, current non-life members, and lower prospects. Also we learned from our data that participation in a sorority or fraternity immediately increased their chances of joining.

Next, we began the creative. A nostalgic letterpress piece was created for the most potential prospects, encouraging them to join in the life-long tradition of OU. An upgrade piece calling current members to go “All In” and become lifetime members, and an illustrated, self-mailer was sent to those in the lower tier. We leveraged the sorority and fraternity information when available as well as graduation year and additional personalization to help tie recipients to the pieces.

In February, as an added push, we designed a Valentine’s Day mailer with the “I Love YOU” messaging and an OU Alumni branded heart lollipop to encourage more membership. This specific mailer was followed by an email push as well.

All of the direct mail pieces, emails, and social media posts were cohesive in creative and messaging, helping to boost response and allowing for our message to be seen across multiple marketing mediums.

A few months after the campaign pieces and emails had been finished, we began collecting data on the response and how each particular piece did. We found the campaign to be a success for the university


  • 1,002 New Members

877 new Annual members (one year and three year) and 125 new Lifetime members totaling 1,002 new members.

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