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Duggal Studios is a subsidiary of Duggal Visual Solutions, one of the largest commercial printing companies in the US. Duggal Studios is the digital signage and content creation studio of DVS. We were engaged to help launch this secondary brand through a range of services in brand identity design, web design, and brand collateral creation.

The Duggal Studios brand had to fit within the overall corporate identity of DVS, utilizing the primary "Duggal" logo. However, we still needed to create an identity that was visually distinct and expansive enough to cover the suite of services that Duggal Studios offers.


We created a visual language based on geometric shapes that highlight the various services the company offers. The logo incorporates the primary "Duggal" custom font, but still stands on its own. The visual through line of components fitting together to form a whole that is more than the sum of its parts is utilizes as a visual effect across the implementation of the brand.


The final brand identity was applied to brand collateral such as stationery and other print materials, animations and promotional video, social graphics, and a portfolio website. The portfolio includes DS work across multiple industries and services, with visual markers that denote in-depth case studies from smaller portfolio pieces.

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