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How do you modernize your brand, without losing your history?

The Problem:
For more than a century, People’s Town and Country Bank, Bank of American Fork and Lewiston State Bank were fixtures of their communities. But, while existing customers loved the personalized attention, potential customers perceived the banks as small and unsophisticated. What many didn’t realize was these brands made up the largest community bank in Utah, People’s Intermountain Bank (PIB)— a bank with deep resource and extensive expertise. The problem was, we needed to change the small-town perception without changing the legacy of customer service 100 years in the making.


  • Research
  • Corporate Identity

We knew customers wanted exactly what PIB could provide — the resources of a large bank with the responsiveness and personal relationship of a small one. If we could bring the brands together, we could show potential customers what existing customers already knew— PIB’s mix of assets was perfect for growing your own. By renaming to Altabank, and launching a new, modern brand with an innovative digital-banking experience, we could emphasize the client’s commitment to customer service while showing off their level of expertise.


What We’ve Done:
- Research & Strategy
- Brand Identity
- UX/UI Design
- Campaign Concepts
- Data & Analytics

What made up People’s Intermountain Bank (before it became Altabank)
- People’s Town and Country Bank
- Bank of American Fork
- Lewiston State Bank

Build a brand. Build a website. Take expectations higher.

To understand Altabank’s ideal customer and their competitors, we invested into research and analysis up front. By implementing 35 triggers and over 115 media and tracking tags, we uncovered opportunities that promised big returns. We needed to create a unified brand with a strong voice and a cohesive message. Then, we would pair that with a digital experience where Altabank’s legacy of customer service could shine.

Brand Identity:
To minimize risk and maximize returns, we required an identity that would connect with Altabank’s existing customers and allow them to attract new ones. An identity that would fit into the community and stand out against the competition. An identity that would honor their past and grow into the future. It all added up to Altabank, an elevated brand with a single focus— powering financial success for you and your business.

We launched the brand with a new website designed specifically to honor Altabank’s dedication to their customers. Using visual design, we segmented and structured the large amounts of information Altabank needs to share in a way that is easy for viewers to navigate and digest. To ensure customers would not get lost or confused, we created wayfinding solutions featuring clarity above all else. Every decision was made with customer service in mind. Even the blue color was selected for the ease at which the human eye can register it in digital space.


  • 58% Increase in Site Visits
  • 1 Awards Won
  • 22% Increase in New Users

The new Altabank website was recognized as a 2020 Webby Award’s Honoree for Best User Interface. We’re proud, but not too surprised.

-58% Increase in new site traffic in a year-over-year comparison.
- 15 million Ad impressions at an effective $5 CPM across all efforts.
- 22% Increase in new-to-site traffic with growth month-over-month.


The Client

~520 Employees

The Agency

Salt Lake City, Utah
~68 Employees