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The Cotting School in Lexington, Massachusetts is more than just a school. They are an inclusive educational community and a second family to the students and families they serve. They meet the needs of students with a broad spectrum of learning and communication disabilities, physical challenges, and complex medical conditions by providing an array of integrated services and partnerships. Their mission is to enable students with special needs to achieve their highest learning potential and level of independence both during and after enrollment.

In 2017, Cotting wanted to expand their reach. With the ability to serve so many, they weren’t sure their marketing efforts were reaching all potential audiences. That’s where we came in.


  • Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After meeting with Cotting School, it became clear they needed a new comprehensive website that was going to speak to different students and their families. Their site needed extensive pages in order to provide a proper amount of information about their programs and the HOPEhouse, which is their transitional educational program for young men and women.

We started by making the website easier to navigate by dividing the information into tabs- About Cotting School, Admissions, Programs, Consulting, HOPEhouse, News & Events, and Donate. In addition, we created a separate resources section for alumni, families, professionals, and staff.

To amaze prospective students and their families, we developed a Google Earth-esque virtual tour that transports online visitors into the hallways and classrooms of Cotting. To gain a first-person perspective, we incorporated a section titled, ‘What Cotting Means To Us’, which features testimonials straight from students.

In 2019, we created a capital campaign website for Cotting; the first one in thirty years. Through it, users can make a financial contribution to help Cotting improve the functionality of their building, enhance academic programs and the arts, build a full-size gym, and make substantial renovations to occupational and physical therapy as well as a medical suite. Their fundraising goal is $10 million and as of May 2020, they are 85% of the way there with $8,556,000.


  • 89,921 New Users
  • 186,616 Site Visits

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral step in every website project. Our search engine marketing team researched keywords and other optimization considerations during the site build to attract Cotting’s target audience to the site. Since launching the site in 2017, our efforts have brought over 89,921 new users and generated 186,616 sessions, or a visit.

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