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UK based GreenVits are a specialist vitamin, mineral and supplement retailer. The firm searches the world for the finest high-strength products and imports these high-quality products in bulk to the UK, paying all the necessary import taxes and shipping costs. GreenVits then ships these high-quality products to all European countries. As taxes and shipping costs are already paid, European distribution costs are kept low, resulting in excellent value for money products at prices that the average consumer is unlikely to achieve, even if they import them personally.

The Challenge:
GreenVits were getting plenty of traffic to their website, but all those visits failed to convert into effective sales. Most visitors to the site were looking for general vitamins, minerals and supplements but not the high strength products that GreenVits provide.
Rufus from GreenVits turned to us to optimise the website to deliver relevant traffic through organic search results. It was essential that conversion rates improved because this would lead to an increase in profitability for the business.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that a website appears near the top of the first page on Google. To deliver this requires genuine expertise to fully understand and manage the creation of an SEO strategy which will deliver results and achieve the client’s aspirations. This was, of course, the reason that GreenVits asked us to work with them in the first place!
We worked on 4 key areas:

In-depth competitor analysis: We delivered an In-depth analysis of Green Vits’ online competition. This helped us understand the marketplace and evaluate the SEO strategies used by other companies. Using this information meant we were able to identify the activities and requirements we would need to implement to outperform those other businesses.

Keyword research: We used keyword research to develop a comprehensive on-site optimisation strategy. This was essential to ensure the website achieved good page rankings for the most relevant search queries. This required a review of Metadata, website content and page correlation optimisation:

1. Meta data: We ensured that Meta data for each website page was optimised so that search engine robots (which crawl the web to find and rank information) were able to understand what the page is about better. We were also able to ensure that the site’s indexification delivers excellent search engine recognition.

2. Content: We reviewed every page on our client’s website to ensure that each page provided comprehensive information, identified the types of products available and made sense of the indexing process. Ensuring web crawlers recognise relevant information helps deliver the right search engine results for potential customers, who will then find and navigate the website for the products they are searching for.

3. Optimising the correlations between the pages: We grouped and interlinked correlated pages using an approach which makes the process of the site’s structural indexing easier and more logical. This process also helps to order search results.

Necessary Off-Site strategies: These were implemented by raising brand and product awareness through representations on top online niche platforms and through participation in hot topical discussions on leading relevant websites.


  • 15% Increase in Site Visits
  • 88% Increase in Conversion Rate

We worked with GreenVits for three months. During this time we delivered some amazing outcomes:

1. Organic traffic to the GreenVits website grew by an impressive 15%, whilst we increased the number of new visitors by 11% to 1,179.

2. Almost 73% of the new traffic was converted to customers, and we saw a quite incredible 88% increase in the eCommerce conversion rate!

3. This fantastic combination has increased revenues by an awesome 168%!


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