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ELECTRONICS: OPPO BBK, one of the leading Chinese Electronics companies, initially aimed to introduce a new Global electronic brand initially for DVD’s and Blue Ray players. The fast-developing mobile market provided growth opportunities that shifted the focus to this segment. The brand name OPPO appeared to be a perfect fit for the new younger brand proposition. The brand needed to be truly Global, resonating with young target groups in many countries with a worldwide trademark and a free URL (.com).


In an interactive process of less than 3 weeks the name OPPO was developed. This project was conducted in close co-operation with the International design agency Studio Dumbar. The name itself has no meaning, but the word brand is in perfect balance, reflecting important values of the brand: harmony and equality. It is a distinctive and accessible name that can be easily pronounced and remembered in all language areas.


With success, in 2016 OPPO became the no. 4 smart phone brand in the world, after Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

~10 Employees
$5,000 Min Budget
1 Stories
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