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SAGE Marketing + Matics Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics
Increase Sales


Increase in Site Visits


Increase in New Users


Being a startup with a limited budget and trying to raise more investment and generate more business opportunities, Matics hired SAGE experts to serve as their in-house marketing team and provide full-stack marketing services, from branding, strategy, and positioning to lead generation, nurturing and sales enablement. SAGE constantly worked to better define and sharpen Matics’ value proposition to distinguish the company from numerous Industry 4.0 competitors. In just a few months the SAGE team launched a brand new Matics website with a unique look and feel, driving traffic through SEO-optimized content; established a proper CRM and marketing automation system in Hubspot, generated an array of Sales and Marketing materials, launched numerous PPC and Outreach campaigns and formed strategic partnerships with relevant vendors and industry partners. SAGE also helped improve the company’s Sales and SDR processes and supported Matics in navigating through a very challenging time when the COVID-19 crisis led to severe disruptions and budget cuts.


Matics solution for collaborative shop floor management helps manufacturers dramatically improve productivity with a smart real-time analytics platform. Matics analyzes every aspect of the manufacturing process and streamlines the production journey. It helps the teams communicate in real-time, identify and remedy causes for defects and quality-related losses, excessive energy usage, machine downtime, underperformance, and more.


Manage and execute Matics’ inbound and outbound marketing activities
Drive thought leadership and brand awareness
Increase website traffic - through organic and paid channels
Generate new leads and drive them down the funnel to convert into business opportunities
Create sales materials and align internal processes


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing

Understand digital manufacturing solutions landscape and industry pain points
Define key value proposition and buyer personas
Refine the brand’s messaging and create valuable content for target audience
Increase lead generation through automated outreach and PPC campaigns
Establish an effective CRM database, lead scoring, and nurturing
Enhance sales alignment processes and onboard new SDR personnel


Website design, content development & management
Database management and marketing automation implementation
Content creation: eBooks, landing pages, product decks, use cases, case studies, blogs, videos, surveys, customer and investor presentations
Email marketing & lead nurturing
Automated LinkedIn outreach campaigns
SEO optimization and content strategy
SMM and PPC campaigns across all strategic channels
Webinars with key industry influencers
Trade show and associations research & awards applications


  • 11% Increase in Site Visits
  • 8% Increase in New Users

Lead Generation

PPC campaigns: a high number of quality leads acquired through content and remarketing ads at an incredible CPL ($15-30 for EU/NA markets)

21% of leads generated in PPC campaigns achieved high score through marketing automation we set up, and engaged with our brand’s website and marketing materials

11% of leads became SQLs and requested a product demo
LinkedIn Outreach: 2% of prospects that we reached through automated campaigns on Sales Navigator became Opportunities and had a Demo call with our SDR team

Website Traffic & SEO

8% monthly increase in organic traffic (new users)
11% monthly increase in overall traffic (sessions)
First page in Google search for several strategic keywords (e.g. RtOI solution)

Email Campaigns

Click rates of 3.5% in email nurture campaigns for MLs during the difficult times of COVID19 due to optimization of copy, CTAs and images (a good result in B2B is 2% in regular times)

Open rates over 20% for several marketing campaigns

Matics Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics

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Matics Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics

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SAGE Marketing

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