Love Good Fats

Rezolutions Design + Love Good Fats
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Love Good Fats creates a delicious line of snacks so that North America can eat and enjoy good fats, conveniently. And they are so, so delicious… finally! The brand has a fine tune set visual which is colorful and exciting encouraging fats as the new wave of enjoying healthy options.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation

Resonating style with dependable and stable functionality
Love Good Fat’s branding is bold and consistent. The strong guideline identity was collaborated with their in house graphics team empowered the vision set forward towards the web design goals. We wanted to build a website that was informative and detailed towards all components amongst their fan base. Most importantly is the ease to make changes on the fly in order to accommodate any future marketing efforts.

Personality and ease of use in perfect harmony
Aside from the standard method of purchasing their delicious bars, creating a store which allowed single purchase or recurring purchases with bundles is one of many core elements for this company’s success. We’ve structured dynamics in the product landing page to illustrate all various options for purchase.


The results of the collaboration with the team at Love Good Fats helps the business not only sell amazing goods but also tell its story to a wide range audience. Rewarding those who are already in love with the brand and embrace those who discover it for the first time.

Love Good Fats

The Client
Love Good Fats

Food Products
~45 Employees

The Agency
Rezolutions Design

Aventura, Florida
~10 Employees