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Realmonkey + TrackJS
Increase Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in New Leads


TrackJS is a widely used software that monitors thousands of applications that are involved in the running of some of the busiest websites on the Internet. Any inappropriate design changes made by us to the current user interface could have caused existing clients to drop out in addition to lowering the conversion rate of new visitors to the website.


  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation

Our research revealed that a major problem was the manner in which information was shared with the prospective users on their website. A first- time visitor to the website found it difficult to understand the concept hence the bounce rate was fairly high. Therefore, we needed to focus our efforts on both increasing conversion rate and decreasing bounce rate while the redesigning the user interface.

We showcased all the major components of the software on the home page so visitors could easily understand how it works before signing up. We enhanced the existing UI and UX with a dashboard that provides the user with a quick view of the bugs detected by the software. Then we built a story for users to improve signups.


  • 8% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 15% Increase in New Leads

With design updates, we were able to improve the conversion rate by 7-8%, increase lead generation by 12-15 % and decrease the bounce rate drastically.

Proudly redesigned Marketing website and created remarkable Branding for TrackJS


The Client

Internet Software & Services
~5 Employees

The Agency

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Naga, Punjab
~15 Employees