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As a global leader in data storage, Seagate is all too familiar with the need to make their drives stand out in a competitive market place. Keen to push their latest addition the camo-clad One Touch SSD Special Edition for the festive season, they enlisted our help in the creation of an interactive email campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was to engage Seagate’s B2C audience and boost sales of this special edition SSD drive pre-holiday season. They wanted to push the boundaries and try a highly visual and engaging solution that would grab attention and drive sales directly through Given the quirkiness of the product with its unique camouflage style design, available in a selection of colours, our team got to work.


  • Digital Design
  • Email Marketing

Prior to diving into the design, we needed to understand Seagate’s audience. Taking a closer look at previous email sends, we analysed the stats to build up a picture of engagement levels as well as what platforms and email clients were being used to view their marketing communications. This insight enabled us to scope out areas for improvement and identify what elements we could use within the design to guarantee the best user experience.

The analysis revealed around 65% of recipients were accessing email communications via clients that offer interactive capabilities. And so the decision was made to utilise this approach to maximise impact. A fallback was built into the design for those email clients that didn’t support this feature, ensuring the experience was the best it could possibly be for everyone.

As this campaign was B2C focused and not B2B, we were able to have more fun. The nature of the camo design lent itself to us being more creative, so we decided to design something playful. A ‘Choose Your Style’ colour palette was included so people could click on their prefered drive colour. This not only changed the colour of the SSD drive but the background too, creating a different experience for each SSD drive option.


  • 31% Increase in Click-through Rate
  • 807% Return on Ad Spend

The campaign proved to be very successful not only from a design perspective, but the numbers were pretty impressive too. The email attracted around a 31% increase in unique click-throughs compared to a previous consumer product marketing email which didn’t include any interactivity. Revenue for the camo-clad One Touch SSD increased by 95% compared to the previous week and, overall, the campaign gained a massive return on investment (ROI) of 807%.

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