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How do you take a relative newcomer to the F&B sector – a disruptor making a name for themselves – and reposition them as a nature company at the forefront of the fight against the climate crisis?

How do you invite consumers to connect to nature in order to encourage them to search for, demand, buy, share and advocate for better?

Finally, how do you do all of this and drive sales?


  • Branding Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Video Production

For Seedlip: We Are Nature, our initial creative that drove much of how we would come to execute this project, centred around a single word. Connection. The idea that we are connected to the planet and the choices we make can have an impact.

With this in mind, we wanted to use the magnificence of the natural world to show both man’s ability to impact it in a negative way, but also to demonstrate that by choosing better, we can also enable positive change.

From a very early stage in our creative development, we decided that top down aerial photography would allow us to show nature in an awe-inspiring and visually arresting way as well as intrinsically linking Seedlip’s product with the natural world. The subtle use of lines in our visual language enabled us to show both imbalance and a connection to nature to great effect.


The result was a campaign driven by a “Hero” film setting out Seedlip’s mission statement. This creative approach then influenced much of our subsequent video assets including a 30” BVOD commercial, vertical and square social assets (for the US and UK markets), web banners and OOH campaign assets.


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