Raising over $80,000 to support Children's Camps International

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Children's Camps International
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Children’s Camps International, an organization dedicated to helping children in developing countries, came to Raven5 with a goal: to raise up to $100,000 through a national charity sweepstakes. They needed support from the ground up: from donation processing to design. Through this campaign, not only would they raise money to fuel their numerous support & aid programs, but they also wanted this campaign to increase awareness for the organization and the work they do. Children’s Camps International depends on donations, and a wide-sweeping campaign such as this could engage thousands and potentially bring numerous monthly donors to the organization.


RAVEN5’s solution was to support the campaign from beginning to end. From initial designs, to donation processing, and finally reporting. By targeting specifically those within Canada who were capable of helping to make a difference, they streamlined the initial awareness campaign. By focusing mainly on an email marketing campaign, which was designed by the agency, they were able to target their audience specifically and with precision. An email marketing campaign also allowed them to ensure the donation process itself was simple to use. The email was not only visually on brand for Children’s Camps, but also highlighted the easy process of how to opt-in, donate, and then also share the campaign to others. Raven5 knew how important the networks of those initial donors were, and ensured that sharing the email and donation portal was simple. RAVEN5 also ensured that reporting on the donation numbers and general engagement was quickly done, so these numbers could then be announced to the general Children’s Camps International network and social media community. Sharing the success accurately was a very important part of the brand’s second goal: raising awareness!


Though they did not reach the entirety of their donation goal during this campaign, they were still able to raise over $80,000 to support Children's Camps International. Also of value were the thousands of new users they received who became connected to the organization through email lists. By expanding these lists, RAVEN5 also expanded Children’s Camps International’s community of support so that future events would be that much more likely to reach their goals.

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