Norwegian Cruise Line's Giving Joy Goes Viral

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Norwegian Cruise Line
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In advance of debuting their 15th cruise ship, Norwegian Joy in the U.S., Norwegian Cruise Line looked to increase media attention while leveraging their ship's heartwarming name for a compelling campaign that acknowledged and celebrated the intersection of travel and education.


RAVEN5 designed and delivered a unique nomination-based contest to acknowledge and reward deserving teachers who go above and beyond for their students in the U.S. and Canada. The campaign allowed visitors to nominate themselves or another deserving teacher in the US or Canada and gather votes through sharing via social media and email. Visitors to the campaign site could easily view by state/province, search by name and cast their vote with ease.


The campaign was a massive success, with 46,260 entrants, 1,438,885 votes and an amazing 4 million visits and 10 million page views in just 31 days. The program launched March 12, 2019 and for 2 weeks through March 26, 2019 gained exceptional traction and continued to hold both entrants’ and voters’ attention for 4 consecutive weeks. Google Analytics confirmed that there were 3,438,886 users with 4,635,243 sessions and 10,574,599 pages views of which viewed 2.28 pages per session and spent 1.41 minutes per visit. The program received over 15,000 entries in the first three days confirming that the launch activities were both relevant and timely in their management. The program gathered over 46,000 submissions and their accompanying nominator and nominee email addresses, while the voting process gathered over 1 million email addresses as well. Both lists can be leveraged for future educational and marketing opportunities. Norwegian Cruise Line received an incredible amount of positive media attention through various mediums. The top nominated teachers further drove this campaign with their own stories, adding to NCL’s brand equity.

$10,000 Min Budget
12 Stories


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