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Servier Canada requested that Rank Media Agency launch a social media campaign in order to identify if a loyalty program could be the best pathway to increasing sales for its OTC pain medication. At the time, the company was searching for concrete data to support its internal campaigns, as well as information that would shed insight into its potential reach and conversion rates.


  • Research
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Advertising

Before launching the campaign, the digital experts at Rank employed a Social Listening strategy, which involved using multiple analysis tools (including Keyhole, Hootsuite, and Semeon) to monitor, track, and manage the company’s audience and online presence.

After analyzing data such as online mentions and users, the Rank specialists created an individualized approach designed to suit Servier Canada’s particular needs.

Rank created a custom database that allowed the newfound data to be shared and categorized according to comments, complaints, and platforms for continual monitoring. Once this data was analyzed, Rank found commonality, frequency, and patterns in behaviour – all of which proved beneficial for the establishment of an effective social media campaign.

Now armed with the data needed to launch a full-fledged social media campaign, the time had come to start having the right conversations with Servier Canada’s potential new customers. By incorporating the language and pain points gathered through careful analysis, Rank conducted a social media campaign that established trust, educated audiences, and emphasized the advantages of a new loyalty program.


In just 6 months, Rank gathered 126,000 emails from Quebec-based clients willing to participate in Servier Canada’s loyalty program, thus providing the company with the demographics needed to create its desired internal campaign.

Less than a year later, Servier Canada successfully launched its loyalty campaigns, along with its OTC medication.

The Client
Servier Canada

~210 Employees
Rank Media Agency

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Rank Media Agency

Montreal, Quebec
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