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As part of elite’s relationship with r//evolution, the fitness provider required a growth partner to help the business to introduce automation tactics to help streamline marketing and sales processes. Utilizing HubSpot, r//evolution were required to set up automated workflows to nurture new leads as well as looking after existing clients.

The r//evolution team was also tasked with implementing a customer nurturing strategy.


  • E-Commerce
  • Video Production
  • Online Advertising

After scoping out the initial requirements, r//evolution created a series of value-added content (eBooks, videos and infographics) that would help the sales team to maximize sales opportunities. Based on user intent and progressive profiling, r//evolution created a series of personalized workflows that automatically enrolled users based on user interaction.

Coupled with this, r//evolution’s automation specialists created a series of tasks, reminders and deals when leads met specific criteria – this streamlined and removed many of the manual sales and marketing processes in the business.


Through HubSpot’s automation functionality, r//evolution created a high-performing customer nurturing strategy to build brand loyalty, generate referrals and increase customer lifetime value.

elite: Together

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elite: Together

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