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Following the onset of GDPR Sykes Cottages lost over 70% of their email list. Without regular contact to customers, repeat holiday bookings decreased.

Sykes Cottages wanted an effective, timely way to communicate with customers to follow up on their holiday experiences and encourage them to re-engage with digital channels.


  • Email Marketing

Pepper suggested sending a programmatic weekly mailer to customers who have just returned from their holiday to encourage customers to rebook.

To make sure all engagement could be tracked, a custom code for a discount offer was printed on each mailer. The codes linked back to individual customers.


  • 8,000 New Leads
  • 11% Conversion Rate

This campaign is ongoing, but to date:
Costs to total sales ratio 1:24, for every £1 spent, £24 sales made.
45% activated their discount offer code
Over 10% of customers re-booked - more than double than any previous campaign.
A huge 75% of customers re-engaged with digital channels
Programmatic direct mail delivers Sykes Cottages 8,000 bookings from 75,000 mailers, a 10.66% conversion rate

Sykes Holiday Cottages

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