Expert Engine Revitalization Delivers Course Correction

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Increase Sales


Increase in New Leads


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Site Visits


Expert Engine is a resource for consulting firms and law firms seeking vetted expert witnesses, expert consultants, and expert researchers. The firm’s exclusive database of verified experts numbers in the tens of thousands and is constantly growing and evolving to meet client needs.

Given the mission-critical nature of the site, the client was reluctant to make any significant changes to it or the database structure and programming. Rankings, usability, security compliance, and client satisfaction began to slide, however, and a total upgrade and messaging refresh was necessary to regain trust and lost opportunities.


  • General Consulting
  • User Experience (UX/UI)
  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation
  • Digital Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Online Advertising

Overdrive was engaged to build a brand new, responsive, SEO friendly, high-converting website for Engine Group. Our solution was comprised of the following:

Information Architecture - Overdrive developed a completely new information architecture that provides a clear and easy path for users to search the expert database and submit a project request. Overdrive developed new areas of focus, or “disciplines.” These disciplines not only aid in categorization but also provides great SEO content that was lacking on the old site.

UX Design - Overdrive focused on a clean and modern UX design philosophy that puts expert search functionality and calls to action in highly prominent positions on key pages.

Website Traffic Preservation and 301 Mapping - Individual expert profiles had built up SEO rankings for very specific keywords relating to their expertise. This made it vital to deploy a surgical redirect strategy to preserve rankings while all expert profiles moved to new URLs.

Organic Search Engine Optimization – woven throughout the process, were the following vital SEO tactics and deliverables:
• Keyword strategy
• UX/UI review
• Information architecture review
• Meta Data
• Header Tags
• Keyword asage
• SEO-optimized content development (both new content and optimization of existing content)
• Sitemap optimization
• Redirect strategy and search equity preservation

Conversion Optimization and journey mapping

MarTech consulting – Overdrive worked with the client to identify the best marketing technologies to support their site objectives as well as the website visitors and users.

Site development and back-end programming – Overdrive developed a fast-loading database-driven website with a highly efficient and modern database schema and indexing structure. The new site was much more stable and required less ongoing maintenance and management. Key features in the new site included:
• Browsable database of thousands of experts
• Back-end customer portal
• Back-end internal project and expert management tools
• Expert & Business Portal
• Exert signup
• Expert profiles
• Expert newsletter
• Expert database
• Invoicing management
• Internal expert search
• Customized content management system


  • 414% Increase in New Leads
  • 300% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 21% Increase in Site Visits
  • 1 Increase in Awards Won

The resulting website delivered many positive benefits for the client and its customers. Its increased and improved visibility, taxonomy, and functionality drove greater engagement from high-value visitors and returning customers. Its updated design and messaging are more directly aligned with the client’s greater brand positioning and values. The back-end databases and content management system radically reduced the time to update content, contact information, and other key aspects of the site.

Best of all, the site and its improved KPIs returned it to the status of being a vital business and marketing asset that can be leveraged for many more marketing and sales initiatives!

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