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Increase Sales


Increase in Conversion Rate


Syke Brands is a Kansas City-based streetwear apparel manufacturer/retailer selling unique, high quality streetwear. Syke offers a range of comfortable and functional apparel products while embodying the corporate message to “make a better world as we go.”

(1) Fix configuration & technical issues with Shopify, Instagram accounts (2) Increase online sales, (3) Improve search engine visibility, (4) Get tracking pixels and Google analytics working properly for tracking and reporting.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising

Shopping Feeds/Ads
Google Ads, Bing Ads, Shopping Ads, Facebook, Instagram dynamic catalog ads.

Configure Shopify native Google Analytics and Facebook pixels; implement Google Tag Manager for additional tags.

Instagram, Facebook Ads
Deploy carousel, image ads across Facebook and Instagram.

* Be in front of customers when they are searching and browsing by using paid search and display ads across Google Ads, BingAds.
* Prospect for new customer segments with Google Shopping and Bing Shopping Ads.
* Boost conversion rates with custom, optimized landing pages.
* Improve quality of Shopify product feed, deploy feed across Instagram, Facebook and Google.
* Deploy Google tag manager and combine with native Shopify/Google Analytics integration to ensure accurate tracking and reporting


  • 50% Increase in Conversion Rate

* 50% increase in overall site e-commerce conversion rate.
* 60% increase in overall site transactions over first three months.
* Tripled number of new user visits.

The Client

Out of Bounds

The Agency
Out of Bounds

Kansas City, Missouri
~5 Employees