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The Oil Butler takes vehicle maintenance to a whole new level.
Founder, Baker Jones, has a life-long passion for cars and 10 years of experience maintaining mechanical systems on nuclear-powered submarines for the US Navy. He chose to begin his business during a global pandemic after watching people wait for their car maintenance in a local dealership.

The Oil Butler saves customers time by coming to them and providing quality vehicle maintenance for competitive prices. Having the skills and tools necessary to make the company a success, The Oil Butler needed to find their target market.


  • Branding Strategy
  • Website Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Branding Strategy Website Creation

We helped The Oil Butler define their target audience, develop their brand identity, and refine their message.
It was clear from our meetings that the target audience values both their vehicles and their time. This includes individual car owners as well as fleet owners. While the name explains the company's purpose, we needed to establish the right look and feel for this boutique service.

We created a custom logo with a timeless look. The bold icon and serif font communicate both sophistication and value. Mainly used in black and white for impact, we also provided a logo palette complete with secondary colors in the guidelines to keep the brand consistent. The foundation of the logo design influenced the business cards, brochures, postcards, and website.

We created their website with ease of use in mind. The Personal and Fleet Services are clearly listed on separate pages, and visitors can easily schedule appointments.

The pride of being a veteran is clear, and Baker's submarine work gives him credibility with the public. We were careful to carry the concept throughout the website. Additionally, using images from a professional photoshoot further connects Baker with his audience.


A cohesive brand and functional website have improved scheduling and led to an increase of highly satisfied customers leaving positive reviews.

The Client
The Oil Butler


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Bethany, Oklahoma
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