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Increase in Site Visits


Increase in Avg. Session Duration


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The client wanted to promote her Day care centre on the internet. Client had a website but it was very basic and had a lot of flaws which were an issue for marketing purpose.

The design was very basic and was not at all engaging. The website had a lot of development errors in the back end. The client also was not sure about the way she could market her services online.

Due to the above issues, the client was not able to generate any traffic to her website, which was resulting in no lead generation or sales conversion.


  • Digital Design
  • Website Creation
  • Digital Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As per the nature of the client's business, we recommended SEO to market her services. The strategy was to improve the website as per the SEO standard by fixing the designing and other issues the website had through on-page SEO and then promote the website on the internet through off-page SEO.

Through on-page and off-page SEO, we would generate online traffic for the client’s website. We would then route the traffic on to client’s website and through an Opt-in lead collection form, we would collect leads for the client. These leads would be engaged through an e-mail marketing campaign.

We also integrated an appointment set-up an application, Calendly to her website so that the visitors could set up direct appointments with the client and the client could contact the visitor on the scheduled time and date to close the deal.


  • 75% Increase in Site Visits
  • 65% Increase in Avg. Session Duration
  • 75% Decrease in Cost Per Click
  • 85% Increase in Pageviews

The client website looks like a completely professional website with relevant content and graphic. This helped in fixing the back-end errors and hence, we were able to drastically improve the GT Matrix rating for the client's website. As the GT Matrix rating improved, the client's website is now in the top search results on all online search engines.

As being the top search results on online search engines for her niche, the client has seen a 75% increase in online traffic. This has helped us is increasing her brand-building through other online marketing procedures like SEM and SMM.

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