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Ecommerce Improvement Efforts
Ful­ly, the Port­land based man­u­fac­tur­er of chairs and stand­ing desks, worked with GRAYBOX to improve their over­all mar­ket­ing efforts. Ful­ly want­ed to invest in a part­ner of all things dig­i­tal to be able to con­sis­tent­ly work to main­tain their web­site, while mon­i­tor­ing data and improv­ing their over­all mar­ket­ing efforts.

The Overall Problem
Fully, formerly known as Ergo Depot, is a Portland-based manufacturer of standing desks, chairs, and other office accessories. They believe that “movement is good.” All of their products, from chairs to desks and other office accessories, promote a wide array of movement within the body to improve a person’s overall experience while at work.

Fully came to GRAYBOX in early 2016 as their business was growing and were deep into a Magento ecommerce website build. They knew that the impending site launch was just the beginning and they needed a partner to help facilitate their growth online across all of their digital channels.


  • Website Creation
  • E-Commerce

Our Solution

1. Recommendations for Improvement and Scale
After gaining an understanding of their goals, GRAYBOX performed a comprehensive audit that evaluated what the greatest opportunities were for the Fully business, looking across every facet of their business. This included looking at every digital marketing, the overall look and feature-set of the soon-to-be-launched Magento ecommerce site, and how Fully was managing orders, fulfillment and customer service. At the end, GRAYBOX put over 300 recommendations in front of the Fully team, prioritized across an impact/effort scale to help guide next steps.

2. Adoption and Initial Improvements
With the audit in hand and the site about to launch, GRAYBOX stepped in and began moving through the long list of site improvements to stabilize the site experience by reducing customer friction, improve SEO efforts throughout the site content, and improve key performance bottlenecks. In a handful of months, the new site was already starting to convert customers better and draw in more traffic in key areas. To further facilitate their growth, GRAYBOX worked with the Fully team on the vetting and selection of NetSuite as their new ERP system. This would not only bring additional operational rigor to their day-to-day operations but also allow Fully to open a new distribution warehouse on the East Coast that allowed them to better serve their customers throughout the US.

3. An evolution from Ergo Depot to Fully
Once the post-launch site improvements were made, Fully turned to a broader brand initiative to better-align the mission behind the business and the brand identity. While the company had been known as ‘Ergo Depot’ from the outset, the name no longer resonated with their intended audience. GRAYBOX supported their internal team’s efforts in a rebranding effort to Fully, which included a substantial design refresh of key areas of the website, including the homepage, category and product pages. Less than 6 months after the initial launch of the Magento site, Fully had already taken a significant leap forward in the sophistication of how people viewed them online.

4. Hyper-focused Continual Improvement
GRAYBOX has engaged with Fully on an ongoing basis with a commitment to continual improvement. Our team works alongside Fully in strategizing, prioritizing, and executing site improvements that have touched virtually every aspect of the site, including site UX, cart/checkout, overall site security, ongoing AWS infrastructure tuning and maintenance, focus on business customers and product categories. With every opportunity, GRAYBOX focuses on what elements of the site experience can be enhanced, taking into consideration the potential impact on the site’s overall effectiveness in telling the Fully story and moving potential customers through the ecommerce buying funnel.


  • 160% Increase in Sales
  • 34% Increase in Conversion Rate

Our Results
Throughout our partnership, GRAYBOX & Fully have been collaboratively solving problems and making improvements to increase revenue.

As Fully has grown since our partnership, the nature of our work has evolved. What started with a comprehensive audit that looked across their entire business has turned into a long-term partnership as Fully’s technology and ecommerce partner. Having a reliable partner in digital is a vital step in ensuring all other business processes can run smoothly and seamlessly, while allowing creativity to fuel other endeavors. Fully is able to utilize their partners to sustain their brand message and vision, to improve bodily health, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle at work and in the home.

160% Increase in Revenue
34% Increase in Conversion Rate
36% Reduction in Overall Bounce Rate


The Client

Consumer Discretionary
~150 Employees

The Agency

Portland, Oregon
~30 Employees